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Mask Acacia Bicolor cream and purple


Limited edition Fashion masks stretchable handmade with the hi-quality fabric of Organic Cotton Bamboo Lycra bicolor acacia cream and purple.

Cotton bamboo lycra properties:





-resistant to dry cleaning

Durable dry cleaning replacement Bacteria are controlled through silver nanoparticles waiting for the surface of the fabric.

Preventing animals from triple mechanisms:

1. Block the absorption of bacteria that carry oxygen

2. Inactivate bacterial proteins with dangerous forces

3. Block cell membranes Bacteria appear to be a mechanism of action and cannot be expected to be reliable in comparison with silver.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The mask contained here is a fashion design mask cover, with the purpose of being worn over a protective medical mask. This product is not considered a medical mask and does not perform in any such way. Do wear your own protective medical mask underneath the fashion cover. The mask is washable and reusable. It is also stretchable for maximum comfort. We highly recommend washing the product before use for optimal sterilization and comfort.